Den Construction Begins

It has been just over 14 months since our Den was destroyed by fire and construction of our new scout hall started on May 13th, 2019.

We ran a tender process that resulted in us contracting with Liona Constructions.  If everything goes to plan, we should have the building finished some time in early August 2019.

We have had great support form the community, scouting and Redlands City Council since the fire that has helped us move the rebuild on quickly.

We as especially want to thank Bradley Ashcroft from  Ashcroft Architects Pty Ltd who has donated all of the building design services.  This was a big project  as we had to work hard iterating the design to come up with a building that the group was happy with and met the communities and scouting expectations but remained with in our tight budget.

We also want to thank Michael Van Dyck from A1 Certifier Pty Ltd who donated all the building certification services.  Michael live close to the den and witnessed the fire and has been a fantastic source of advice as we planned the building to make sure it meets all of the construction requirements.

Redland City Bulletin Article