Getting our Cleveland Den back up and running

A big thank you to our tradies on site on Saturday April 28th working to get utilities reconnected to our site after the fire.

A special thank you to Stephan Gouws (Scout parent) from SCG Electrical and Allan Penniket (Cub parent) from PFT Constructions and Peter Stones (All round nice guy from outside the group) for their time on the the day.  We got an enormous amount done on Saturday.

We are on track to have the site running with power and water before book fest on the May long weekend.

A big thank you also to all of our families that came down to site on Sunday (April 29th) morning to clean up for book fest. The site was looking pretty unloved after limited access since the fire and with so many families there to help we cleaned it up in no time. I believe we took 4 large trailer loads of rubbish to the dump as well.

Apart from cleaning the toilets up, we did not do too much inside the buildings so we will need another effort down there to get the inside of the Q store and canoe shed cleaned out once we have some shipping containers on site.

That should then see the site usable for our children to start meeting back there again while we work on getting the new building organised.

  • Working on the toilet block 28th April 2018